Popular Chanel Quilted CC Plated Flap Bag For Your Fashion Style

Chanel Small Leather Goods in professional card package launched Lingge camellia with two classic pattern, compact body buckle style, using a French original sheepskin cloth, fine leather trim, traces and embossing, become delicate woman exquisite choice. Chanel mini card pack can organize all your cards all together, more durable and easy to use, oh, life or essential fine thing.

We have plenty of surprises for you in 2016, but let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Before we start, allow us to remind you of something, something beautiful obvious. For the Cruise 2016 Collection, Chanel released the Squared Suede Flap Bag in mini squared, mini rectangular and medium size.


Now what is very unusual about these bags is the new front clasp. The clasp is like this: squared, in gold with two studs on both sides and an elegant CC logo in the center. Let’s take a look at it:

The bags they’ve introduced however, are made from Suede Calfskin and Lambskin. But the bag really feels like suede, so you need to love it or leave it. If you have always bought in full-leather, then it’s not an option for you.

However, we have found something remarkable and we’re sure it’s from the Cruise 2016 Collection, so you still have enough time to run to the store and demand this bag. It’s a brand-new flap bag with the same new clasp, but not in suede, in fact it is full-leather.

Here are more surprises; it’s quilted just like the Classic Flap Bag that you love, it’s made with interwoven chain and it will make fall in love over and over again. We’re talking about the red Quilted Flap Bag in the center.

Take a look at the clasp; it’s the exact same bag. Now, we do not know the style code, nor the prices. The size should be medium and should be the same as the one in Suede.

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