Fashion Style Of Givenchy Antigona Bag For Fashion Girl

Givenchy recent designs are cool, Antigona Bag series package type is very moderate, but relying on excellent color, embossed, printed with classic champagne, black bag models accompanied lozenge or black and white plaid design is particularly outstanding, making the series more attractive.

Ashley-Benson-Givenchy-Antigona-1 Ashley-Benson-Givenchy-Antigona-2In recent weeks, Ashley has been extremely partial to her small-sized, glazed black leather Givenchy Antigona. As you can see, the smaller Antigona works with a wider variety of fashion ensembles than the regular sized version, which can upstage dressier looks with its size alone. You can check out some of Ashley’s past faves in The Many Bags of Pretty Little Liars, though we should note that Ashley’s style has evolved a lot in the last year. If you compare this batch of photos with the ones in our PLL post, it’s obvious that Ashley is trying to put a little distance between herself and her teenaged TV counterpart. A classy black Givenchy Antigona definitely lends a little extra gravitas to her everyday style.

Ashley-Benson-Givenchy-Antigona-4If you’d like to follow Ashley’s lead, you can currently find her small Givenchy Antigona in several different colors for $2,280 at Saks.