Fashion Cheap Fendi Micro Satin-Twill Baguette Bag For Stylish Girl

This year Fendi bag again flush the north and south, all kinds of little monsters mirco bag after another. The most symbolic meaning than the Hollywood star Sophia Loren sat on the trunk picture Fendi brand logo letters, how big star at that time which would not have a bunch of “double F” it?
Fendi-micro-satin-twill-baguette-bagThe real Fendi bag and fire up the “Sex and the City” in that, as the four still life as a woman – when the play Carrie was robbed, the robbers also correct: “! It’s not a bag, it’a BAGUETTE” indeed, this baguette bag, but the world’s first IT bAG, it is not just a package.

Perhaps this drama by the impact, you would think BAGUETTE 90s fashion and even the so-called outdated bag. Therefore, we want to introduce a micro-satin twill Fendi Baguette bag. It is equipped with a front cover of the original F-sign, affixed to the leather strap. Both designs, to luxurious appeal.

But what is more beautiful decorated – with hundreds of tiny slits in the bag flower pieces, which creates a sparkling effect. And when the sun shines it, it is even more eye-catching. I love multicolor, you should also know that the beauty of its style to match. More Fendi bag sale price is reasonable.