Francesco Benigno – Another Italian Gem

There are a lot of shoemakers in Italy. And a lot that many of us have never heard of, including myself. And many of them are extremely good with high level finishing that is on par with the best English makers. But you don’t know about them. Because many of them simply make for other brands and thus do not do so much marketing of their own name. Such is the case with Francesco Benigno who makes for a plethora of Japanese brands and also makes shoes to a very high standard. Before companies like Skoaktiebolaget brought to life some of them, such as Enzo Bonafe and Paolo Scafora, many of them remained relatively unknown in the Western World (traditionally doing most of their business in Japan). But as time goes on, it seems that despite a quiet life for many years, these Italian shoemakers are becoming more and more known to the online world and the amount of competition small shops have in selling the same brand that 100 other shops do too. So the new trend is: discovering new, great makers that no other shop sells and taking all of the sales yourself, while at the same time promoting makers that deserve to be known. That’s a good trend!

Therefore see here a beautiful pair of some very unique semi brogues, courtesy of Francesco Benigno