This Week’s Favorite – Stephane Jimenez Saddle Oxford

As many of you know, I am a super fan of the saddle oxford, ever since I saw the iconic bespoke sample in the workshop of Stefano Bemer back in 2008. It is not often that you see a saddle oxford that is strikingly different than the original design, but Stephane Jimenez (who also trained under Bemer) made one that is quite amazingly different than the iconic model. And it is dashingly handsome to say the least! So instead of making the saddle an actual saddle strap, he decided to extend the saddle all the way back to the heel thus tying it to the heel counter and creating something that I don’t believe anyone else has in the history of shoe design. And man it worked out well. So today to end the week, I thought that we could appreciate that as good shoe design is not always appreciated the way that it should be and this deserves appreciation!

A great weekend to all

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’