Wear it in this way, make your temperament high-level!

In order to prevent you from stepping on thunder in the wearing of jeans skirt, I have summed up 3 versatile skills for you, simple and high-end show temperament! 1: Shirt + denim skirt
Look1: striped shirt + high waist denim skirt Similarly, as a fashionable item with versatility, the plasticity of shirt is also very strong. When two pieces are matched together, they will not make mistakes in any way. As long as you match the model and color well, you can. Wu Xin, who used to be despised, has been constantly improving her dress after several years of changes. When choosing a denim skirt, she combined her figure to choose the most suitable version. The high waisted denim skirt and the high waisted design improved our waistline, changed our own imperfect body proportion, and the looser A-shaped version design, The effect of concealing crotch and showing thin is first-class, with a classic striped shirt, giving people a gentle intellectual beauty. Look2: shirt skirt + denim skirt
It’s also the way of matching shirt with denim skirt. Zhou Dongyu and Wu Xin have totally different styles. Simple and classic white shirt skirt, even if it is worn alone, has a good visual effect, but that ignores the plasticity of the shirt skirt. In order to make better use of its plasticity, and to make the overall wearing more layered and fashionable, she chose to fold a short denim skirt outside the shirt skirt. Easy to elongate the body proportion, but also play a good thin effect, and the bottom of the shirt exposed a corner, in addition to enhance the layering sense of wear, but also play a good role in security, easy anti light. Although the dress looks very fashion, but the requirement of the figure is very high. Girls with wide legs and big belly should not try it. Look3: solid shirt + high waist denim umbrella skirt
When it comes to denim skirt, we can think of the short tight denim skirt. Although the skirt is beautiful and fashionable, it is not very inclusive of the body, which makes many girls flinch. The high waist denim umbrella skirt is much more inclusive of the body than the same skirt. The classic Super High Waist button design can easily show our small waist. The more rigid skirt design will not expose the problems of our crotch width and leg thickness because it fits our body shape. It can also decorate our small belly, which is suitable for most girls. The same loose skirt design can also add some girls’ skirt design Sweet and lovely, with a solid color shirt, you are the sweet and charming lady.