The most unique men’s lifting shoes in the new season

Brand testimonial for its 2020 variant of Milan Fashion Week Men’s has been the fashion blogger Giampiero Giambona. Giampiero has opted to finish his two outfits using a real touch of class. In reality, he chose to wear GuidoMaggi Versailles elevator loafers. A sartorial reinterpretation in a contemporary key of the classic height loafer with blue suede top, elegant metallic alloy clamp and striped only in super-light rubber. A must have for the contemporary man, who loves to become enchanted by artisanal creations.
On the occasion of the last day of the trend occasion, always in the name of Italian style and craftsmanship, the style blogger wore the GuidoMaggi New Orleans Chelsea boots: a timeless handmade boot in nice black full-grain leather. Two outfits, therefore, that surely have not gone unnoticed in an exclusive event like the Milan one. In Milan, during a fashion occasion, you cannot miss a visit to Brera, a prestigious area tat homes the GuidoMaggi showroom. A dip into a world made from unique and exclusive elevator men shoes at which every version is created and designed for the modern man who understands the significance of excellence, the authentic meaning of authentic luxury. From loafers into elevator sneakers that turn into a cult, to ankle boots and 6 inches boots, each GuidoMaggi men best shoe conquers hearts without hesitation. It is the very best of Italian design, a exceptional mixture of elegance and 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship.