Mythbusters – height and attraction

Another place for mythmaking is over the attraction or importance of elevation. Much like appearance issues, the media is constantly feeding us messages. Read the hot press and you’ll see:”Hunky 6’4″ Mark along with his huge pecs and biceps looks amazing at his board shorts at the glamorous resort in sunlight where 43 women have been chasing him to get care night and day” or whatever. A remark you won’t read in this slavish manner about somebody who is 5’4″, and averagely overweight slapping on the suntan cream in this’glamorous hotel’, even when 143 girls are pursuing him night and day. That is only a fact. It is nothing to get overly bothered about . It is inside what counts”. If that were the case the press coverage would be the same about that someone of average height and average body at the’resort’. Media coverage = exposure = cash for those favoured with appearance only because they look good. That really is a fact too.
Something is attractive since it emotionally, and usually attracts. And elevation a part of that, again not or whether we like it. Where this impacts us is that height is one of the vital variables of appearance (especially for a man) and the odd inch or two does make an amazing difference. It’s also really easy to achieve discreetly. People that will state”height doesn’t matter” will in almost the exact same breath cite a tall man they understand favourably in direct link to his luxury height boots. They also do not actually understand the inconsistency of strategy and their opinions. This of course is a lesson which we have to learn very quickly that what people say isn’t always what they mean (“you look very nice,” becomes”does not she look a wreck” when’she’ is outside of the room). You get this about height — lots of comments online suggesting that casual heights boots are’too tall’. Always accompanied by clichés concerning the difficulty of sitting in automobiles and on board a trip. Well it’s ALL crap — there is no such thing as’too tall’ or indeed’too short’.