Will my (new) girlfriend notice?

By drawing from queries people have asked my once I have put my address I shall start.

My first piece of advice stems from a dozen or so queries I’ve had when I have mentioned on height sites that I add elevation . There is an obsession among guys with some things that are very basic. (nope, but I will deal with this here another time, and the motives ).

But the primary query which keeps coming up each moment, as if it is something brand new, relates to”What happens once you get back home with a woman and you take your shoes off.” The implication being that she will detect (shock horror) that you have lost nearly all your height and also be turned off. I cannot tell you how often men ask me .


Well a great deal happens when the set of you’get back home’ and I can tell you surely not one of it is going to be related to measuring your height! It’s never happened to me.

Here is the point about this. Ladies wear all sorts of clothing, far varied in men height shoe. Trainers with whopping fantastic platforms. Every single girl, ones that are even tall, tends to wear heels my own girlfriend wears ridiculously high heels and platforms plus she is very tall now.

This signifies is that the anxieties of men are certainly unfounded at that ancient and happy stage of a connection! Women just do not notice, Period