How I Ended My Hunt for fashion Boots

Chunky boots are all the rage right now. It girls like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have lately worn combat boots with intense lug soles, making the design that the must-have shoe for winter. (Prada’s monstrous Monolith boots have been a particularly popular choice.) Plus it’s simple to see their allure: People thick bottoms guarantee no slipping and sliding across town, especially during a winter snowstorm. The contour adds instant edge to any ensemble. The only problem with all the trending footwear? With all that bulk stems weight–and dragging around those clunkers might be real ankle workout.
I realized this when I began shopping for my own pair. With a cupboard full of sleek boots–I’m almost a distinctive wearer of Cuban-heel boots at the moment–I always wanted to integrate a chunkier, wider boot into my wardrobe. But there was a catch: I did not want my feet to feel like they had been lifting weights every time I took a step. A few original fashions I tried on looked cool, sure, but were far too thick for my liking; I needed something which essentially felt like I was wearing a sneaker, not a ton of bricks. And then I found the perfect pair.

When I spotted Koio’s Chelsea boots, which had been only released this season, they seemed like the winter It boot I had in mind–but when I tried them , they were shockingly lightweight too. The secret is in the building, I heard. They are made out of a low-density, high-tech sole. In fact, they are even comfier than a number of the sneakers in my personal spinning –but they also give my ensemble that grounding finish that I was looking for. A two-for-one unique! And the best part is they do not break the bank. So consider my search for chunky yet comfy casual heights boots formally over.
Beneath, shop Koio’s Chelsea boots (available for her).